Bro Safari & UFO – Animal LP

I’ve heard a bunch of Bro Safari songs that I’ve liked, but never a full EP or LP until today.  This was just released, and is a SICK combination of hip-hop and dubstep, but managing to stay away from that really boring and repetitive “trap” sound that I’m so sick of.  Smooches.

Knife Party – Haunted House EP

While not quite as exciting to me as the Coyote Kisses EP, given I’ve heard 3 of the 4 tracks already, Knife Party’s Haunted House EP is not lacking by any means in the brain melting department.  Hop aboard the S.S. Bleezer and take a bleezurely ride down the Knife Party river.

Coyote Kisses Releases New EP

Coyote Kisses, probably my favorite underrated electro group, just released their newest EP titled Thundercolor.  I’ve been checking their soundcloud periodically lately to see if they had released anything new, and was disappointed every time I checked.  Needless to say, I’m pretty pumped about this.

Wish it was released on a Friday though…. And by that I mean, I wish today was Friday.